About us

About us

Dentnearme: Bringing Patients and Dentists Together


Our mission is to provide the best dentistry in the world by connecting patients and professionals.

We are a company that helps you locate and contact a dentist in your community without you having to go through the trouble of searching for them yourself.

Dentnearme is a global dental services directory that connects patients and dentists. We make it simple for individuals to locate the finest dentist for their requirements, and for dentists to provide their services directly to patients in their own areas.

We understand that selecting the correct dentist practice can be difficult, especially if you lack the time to conduct your own research. We want to make it as simple as possible for you to locate a dentist in your neighborhood, learn about their services, and arrange an appointment. We will manage even the smallest aspects, such as contacting them and confirming your appointment!



DEntnearme- Your partner for good smiles


Dentnearme Quality Care

We think that everyone deserves access to inexpensive, high-quality dental treatment. This is why we connect patients with a network of trustworthy dentists who are committed to providing your family with the best treatment available. We have worked with the most seasoned dentists in your area to assist you in making an informed selection regarding your dental requirements.


Dentnearme Transparency 

We think that patients should have simple access to information regarding their treatment options in order to make educated decisions regarding their own health.

We believe that the finest dentists are those who can clearly describe a process, respond to queries, and estimate costs. We also believe that patients have the right to know how long and how much operations would take.

This is why we created DENTnearme: so you can locate the finest dentist for your needs, compare pricing and services beforehand, and feel confident in your decision prior to making an appointment. We are on a mission to make dental care more transparent for everyone, not only urban residents.


DEntnearme for Community 

DENTnearme is a community of dentists, patients, and health care providers who, through education and communication, promote healthy teeth and gums.

By giving resources to both patients and dentists, we hope to bring them together. We’ve designed an interactive map that allows you to locate the dentist closest to you, or vice versa! You may conduct a search by name, speciality, or any other criterion you want. If many dentists in your area meet your requirements, we will provide their contact information so you can schedule an appointment.

We also have a blog where we post information about local dental offices and events, as well as recommendations on how to keep healthy teeth and gums. Our intention is to simplify your life by putting all of this information in one location.


Make Dental Care Accessible

We think that everyone should have access to high-quality dental care, and we are working diligently to make this a reality. Our team is comprised of individuals who have encountered difficulties in obtaining dental care; we’ve all been there, and we know how it feels. Because of this, we have devoted our lives to assisting others in locating convenient and affordable dental treatment that meets their busy schedules.

DENTnearme is there when you need us the most. If you have fallen out of your normal routine owing to work or school obligations, or if you cannot afford the cost of frequent checkups, we will connect you with a dentist in your area who will see you at a convenient time.


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