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Clear Aligner

Does Clear Aligners Work for Late Teens or Adults?

Clear Aligners represent the most recent advancement in aligner technology. They are a novel alternative to braces for treating mild to moderate misalignment. The aligner is removable and nearly undetectable. The clear aligner includes an attachment that serves as a reminder to move on to the next aligner in the series. Of course, clear aligners are also available for children, adolescents, and adults.


There are numerous reasons why adults may choose to get braces later in life, such as relapsed orthodontic treatment from their teens or a childhood fear of the dentist.


Modern technology has revolutionized the treatment options available to us in the field of orthodontics, which has advanced by leaps and bounds.


However, many adults fear that their opportunity to receive braces has passed and that the ship has sailed. Thankfully, this is completely false, as there is no upper age limit for orthodontic treatment. Yes, braces work faster when the jawbones are growing during adolescence. However, teeth continue to shift as we age, so there is never a time when braces won’t work.


Read on to discover the advantages of wearing a clear brace as an adult.


A discreet approach


Some adolescents have adopted metal braces as a fashion accessory. The same cannot be said for adults, many of whom wish to avoid the appearance of a “train-track” brace.


If you want to straighten your teeth without attracting undue attention, clear aligners may be the ideal solution for you.


Clear aligners are created using cutting-edge 3D printers and a transparent plastic. This plastic is indiscernible and fits over the teeth seamlessly, allowing you to go about your daily activities undetected.


The benefits of an invisible brace are obvious, and if the cosmetic aspect has been on your mind, then a clear brace may be the best option for you.


Health Advantages


Numerous individuals undergo clear aligners treatment solely to straighten their smile.


However, the benefits of a clear brace extend beyond mere aesthetics. Crooked and overcrowded teeth are more difficult to clean because they create hidden crevices that can harbor bacteria and plaque. Additionally, they can lead to gum disease, chewing difficulties, bad breath, and headaches.


By straightening your teeth, you increase their surface area, making them simpler to clean. Thus preventing the above-mentioned health problems!


We are all aware of the significance of caring for our bodies and maintaining our health as we age; dental health is no exception. By straightening your teeth, you are not only giving yourself a beautiful smile, but you are also preserving your health!


Quick Treatment


Time is valuable, and as we age, our lives tend to become more hectic, making lengthy, time-consuming treatments less appealing to adults.


Clear aligners cut the traditional, metal brace treatment time in half, with the majority of cases completed within a year, and some cases completed in as few as 12 weeks! enabling you to complete treatment considerably faster.


The clear aligners treatment consists of a series of clear braces that are worn for two to three weeks and gradually move teeth into the desired position.


The severity of your case will determine the number of aligners required and the duration of your treatment. However, as stated previously, the majority of cases are resolved within a year if the patient is compliant and adheres to treatment!




You do not want the added stress of dietary restrictions when completing your treatment, as convenience is essential.


Clear aligners are removable, allowing you to consume any type of food you desire while undergoing treatment.


It is not necessary to avoid apples, sticky sweets, or treats; simply remove your aligner before eating.


Before reinserting your brace, you must also thoroughly clean your teeth to prevent food particles from embedding themselves within the aligner. Embedded food particles can cause enamel damage and even tooth erosion, so it is crucial to brush your teeth regularly.


There is a possibility that clear aligners will be around for the foreseeable future, as demand from adults continues to rise. To capitalize on this new trend, dental professionals must comprehend the significance of clear aligners and how to provide them to their patients.



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