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Why Is It Difficult to Wear Lipstick with Clear Aligners?

We believe that lipstick is love. Who wouldn’t want to appear and feel gorgeous whenever possible? It is a vital component of our sexuality and self-expression. Why is it therefore so difficult to apply lipstick with aligners?


Over the course of your treatment, transparent aligners will improve your teeth’s alignment. This has two primary benefits: enhancing the functioning and general performance of your teeth, and straightening them to improve their appearance. But there are other, more cosmetic ways in which you may wish to alter your appearance, and you may not have considered how your Invisalign treatment may effect this. Why is it so difficult to wear lipstick while wearing clear aligners?





You Have Lipstick on Your Teeth


Lipstick on the teeth is a very regular occurrence. It can be readily wiped away, and drinking water and having saliva present can assist to decrease the issue. However, the situation changes when lipstick gets on your Invisalign aligner. This is due to the fact that the two surfaces (and their propensity to retain lipstick) are dissimilar. When you do not wear your transparent aligners, dental enamel covers your teeth, but when you do, your teeth are encased in a thermoplastic aligner.


Gentler Colors


Lipstick on your aligners will be more noticeable and more difficult to remove. Does this imply you shouldn’t wear lipstick throughout your clear aligner treatment? It’s not nearly as simple as it seems. Logic dictates that lighter-colored lipsticks will leave a lighter-colored residue on your aligners, which will be less conspicuous, albeit still pretty noticeable. Whether or not it is noticeable, will it harm your aligners?


Decontaminating the Thermoplastic


Lipstick is not corrosive to thermoplastic; the issue is primarily aesthetic. During the brief period each day that you remove your aligners, you can remove any lipstick residue. They may be cleaned using a paper towel or cotton ball. Thermoplastics are easily harmed by astringents of any kind. Nonetheless, having to do so every time you want to apply lipstick can be quite unpleasant.


The Ideal Type of Lipstick


The composition of your cosmetics can significantly enhance your circumstances. Instead of lipstick, which rests on top of the skin, use a lip stain, which is absorbed into the skin. Timing the application of your lip stain to coincide with the brief period each day when you remove your aligners is optimal. Apply a lip stain once you have finished eating (the major reason for removing the aligners). This will rapidly dry, allowing you to reapply your aligners. There should be no color transfer to the aligners.


Some individuals may view the inability to wear lipstick as a little price to pay for a dramatically enhanced smile. When lipstick is crucial, though, it is useful to understand how clear aligners can alter it.


While there are numerous factors to consider when selecting a clear aligner provider, it is essential to select a company that not only provides excellent orthodontic treatments, but also creates aesthetically pleasing and high-quality clear aligners. Even if the market for custom-made clear aligners is expanding rapidly and competition among suppliers is intensifying, there are still numerous factors to consider in order to pick a trustworthy provider. Visit our website dentnearme to find the best dentist near your area.





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